Rockwell Automation – Variable Frequency Drives

Links to manuals for current and older Rockwell Automation variable frequency drives. These links should open to the latest version of the manual.



PowerFlex 4M (22F)

PowerFlex 400 (22C)

PowerFlex 520-series (25A/25B)

PowerFlex 527 (25C)

PowerFlex 700L (20L)

PowerFlex 750-series (20F/20G)

PowerFlex 755TS (20G2/20GE)

PowerFlex 755TL/TR/TM (20G1/20GE)

PowerFlex 755 On-Machine (26G)

Armor PowerFlex (35E/35S)

PowerFlex 6000T

  • Coming Soon

PowerFlex 7000

  • Coming Soon

PowerFlex DC (20P)

PowerFlex DC Stand-Alone Regulator (23P)

PowerFlex DC Field Controller (23PFC)

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OLD DRIVES (Active Mature)

PowerFlex 70 (20A)

PowerFlex 700 (20B)

Communication Adapters

DISCONTINUED DRIVES (End of Life/Discontinued)

PowerFlex 4 (22A)

PowerFlex 40 (22B)

PowerFlex 40P (22D)

PowerFlex 700H (20C)

PowerFlex 700S (20D)

PowerFlex 700AFE/PowerFlex AFE (20Y)

Bulletin 160


PowerFlex 6000G

  • Coming Soon

FlexPak 3000

Migration Guides

Last updated: October 27, 2023