News Travels Fast

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Over the weekend, the tragic death of Whitney Houston occurred. According to, the news broke on Twitter 27 minutes before the Associated Press reported it.

Last week, a new record was set for the most tweets per second during the Super Bowl.

Last May, a Twitter user live-tweeted the invasion of the Pakistan compound housing Osama bin Laden.

Today, you don’t wait for the “film at 11.” You don’t wait for the newspaper to show up on your doorstep in the morning. Today, you find out what is happening in the world as it happens.

Connected and plugged-in means informed. Disconnected and unplugged could mean that you are getting old news.

The Arab Spring. The Greek Riots. Politics. These are all being covered in real time, online, as they happen.

Can you wait until tomorrow to get today’s message out? What is the cost to your news/brand/product/etc. of waiting? How do you make sure your message rises above the noise?

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