“I hate my job!”

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Many of us have said that at one point or another in our career. And we often mean it. The boss is a jerk, our coworkers are malicious, gossip spreads rampantly, and the work stinks. Why do we keep working here?

I was going through some old emails and came across this video that I shared with a friend a while back. Zig Ziglar has the answer to making the place we work better. It’s amazing how easy it is to change the workplace, but we often just fail to do it. If you do it, the boss won’t be a jerk, you’ll like your coworkers better, gossip will die down, and you will enjoy the work you do.

Spend the next nine and a half minutes watching the video below and learn the secret trick to making your workplace better. It will be time well spent.


2 thoughts on ““I hate my job!”

  1. Larry Paulson

    That 9 minute video was outstanding. Thank you for passing it on.
    I here that you have a new job. Congratulations! I hope things are going great for you and your family. Take care and God Bless you and your family.


    1. Dave Boring

      Hi Larry!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I think it’s amazing how much influence our attitude has on the way we perceive things. Zig hit the nail right on the head with this one!

      I started a new job on January 2 and I’m enjoying it. More information about it is on my LinkedIn page.

      Thanks for reading!



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