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No matter what anybody tells you, being a Cub Scout leader is intimidating. You need to learn new terms and phrases, you need to understand what an “adventure” is, and you need to realize that a bunch of 6 to 10 year-olds are not going to eat you alive. It’s not for the faint of heart. But for those who step up and volunteer as a Cub Scout leader, it is a wonderful experience!

One of the problems of being a Cub Scout leader is you are often unprepared to lead the meetings. You might be given a handbook and told “Good luck!” If you are more fortunate, the Cubmaster, or some other experienced leader, will spend some time with you to explain how the program works. But even when you understand it there are still a lot of things to figure out, such as, “Where do I come up with ideas for the meetings?”

The list below are links to resources that I have compiled over the years of being a Cub Scout leader. Some are downloads you can reference, some are links to publications sold by BSA, and some are unofficial sites with a lot of good information.

If you know of a resource that has been helpful to you, please post information about it in the comments below.

DOWNLOADS (click each title to download PDF)


*** NOTE *** Some of these publications were written for the old program (pre-2015) and might reference things like beads and arrow points (both are no longer part of the program), but most of the ideas can still be utilized with minor modifications to fit the current program.


OTHER RESOURCES (lines in “quotes” are the descriptions from the web sites)

*** NOTE *** When accessing any information about requirements, the Handbook or Addendum is the authoritative source. Some sites may still have information about the old program (pre-2015), so always double-check.


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