There’s a Difference

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We recently watched the Super Bowl, which many people say is “the time” to watch the commercials. Some of the commercials were memorable, some were forgettable. Some made us think, and others just made us laugh. And one or two probably made us wonder what the heck was going on.

Have you ever wondered what makes a commercial memorable? Better yet, have you ever wondered why you remember one thing, but forget another? There is a good reason for this, but I’m going to leave you wondering for a little while.

In the mean time, take a look at these two commercials. They’re a little old, as far as technology goes, but they get the point across quite well. Other than one commercial for an Android phone and another for the iPad, try to see if you can tell what differentiates them. Continue reading

News Travels Fast

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Over the weekend, the tragic death of Whitney Houston occurred. According to, the news broke on Twitter 27 minutes before the Associated Press reported it.

Last week, a new record was set for the most tweets per second during the Super Bowl.

Last May, a Twitter user live-tweeted the invasion of the Pakistan compound housing Osama bin Laden.

Today, you don’t wait for the “film at 11.” You don’t wait for the newspaper to show up on your doorstep in the morning. Today, you find out what is happening in the world as it happens.

Connected and plugged-in means informed. Disconnected and unplugged could mean that you are getting old news.

The Arab Spring. The Greek Riots. Politics. These are all being covered in real time, online, as they happen.

Can you wait until tomorrow to get today’s message out? What is the cost to your news/brand/product/etc. of waiting? How do you make sure your message rises above the noise?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Getting your message across

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miscommunicationDo you have problems getting your message across? I have a friend that works in a business unit of her organization, and she had problems communicating with the IT staff. They didn’t understand her requests, and she didn’t understand their reasons why they couldn’t fulfill her requests. She found someone that “speaks” both IT and business, and he told her what to say to IT to get what she wanted. She tried it and it worked. Problem solved. She got exactly what she needed and the IT tech was happy to help her.

Why couldn’t they communicate effectively the first time? Because they were not speaking the same “language” with each other. Just like two people, each speaking different languages, such as Japanese and Spanish, will not understand each other, the tech and the businessperson will often not understand each other.

Whose responsibility is it to interpret? The person that needs to get the message across. My friend needed to get her message across, so she had to interpret her desire into a language that the IT tech would understand. Continue reading

The last private place is no longer private

This press release was issued today. Normally, I wouldn’t publish a press release in its entirety, but I really have nothing to add to this release. All I know is that I do not want to borrow your phone.

If there is one interesting bit from this, the generational differences are once again evident.

New IT in the Toilet Study Shows Americans Aren’t Spending Alone Time Alone

Study Highlights Americans’ Habits Behind Closed Stalls

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Three-fourths of Americans with mobile phones report they use their phones in the bathroom, according to a new study by 11mark, a new integrated marketing agency. Americans are texting, emailing, and yes – as you may have heard – talking on the phone in the bathroom. Approximately one quarter of Americans report they don’t go into the bathroom without their phone. The new report, “IT in the Toilet,” uses the “bathroom benchmark” to examine just how connected we have become.

The survey of 1,000 Americans reveals that neither men nor women are going to the bathroom alone today – 74 percent of men and 76 percent of women report they have used their mobile phone in the bathroom. 63 percent report they have answered a phone call, and 41 percent have initiated a phone call. Many (67 percent) have read a text, and 38 percent have surfed the Internet. Men are a bit more attached, however, with 30 percent reporting, “I don’t go to the bathroom without my mobile phone,” versus 20 percent of women. Men also work more from the bathroom – 20 percent say they have participated in work-related calls versus 13 percent of their female colleagues. Continue reading

What is “The Cloud?”

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(Flickr: SixRevisions)

I said, Hey! You! Get off of my cloud
Hey! You! Get off of my cloud
Hey! You! Get off of my cloud
Don’t hang around ’cause two’s a crowd
On my cloud baby
— The Rolling Stones

So many things have been written in the last few years about “The Cloud” that many people are confused. Is it something that should be used? Or avoided? What is it really?

Here is David’s definition: “The Cloud” is a term used to describe computing resources that are not tied to physical hardware or equipment. That’s it. Pretty simple, don’t you think?

So why is there so much confusion about the cloud? I think there are many reasons, but one primary reason is because it is new and we naturally don’t trust new things. Think about our hunter-gatherer ancestors sitting in their hut, and someone new comes walking up. Is the new person a friend or an enemy? Our defenses go up automatically until we learn more. In the same way, many people are suspicious of new cloud services that come along and haven’t learned whether or not those services can be trusted. Continue reading

Android or iPhone? Which do I get?

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One of the most confusing things for people to consider these days is what kind of smartphone to purchase. There are lots of different smartphones available, including Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and even some WebOS and Symbian phones. But the two big kahunas right now are the Apple iPhone and Google Android.

What’s the difference?

There are various differences between the two platforms, but it really comes down to Apple or Google. Apple makes the iPhone; Google makes Android. One thing to mention right away is that the iPhone is a hardware and operating system package from Apple; Android is an operating system from Google that various hardware manufacturers use on their phones. This means that Apple makes everything for the iPhone and Google only makes the operating system. You can think of it like Mac and Windows; an Apple Mac includes the hardware and operating system and Windows is the operating system from Microsoft that can run on a bunch of different hardware from different manufactures, like Dell, HP, Asus, etc. Continue reading